Making a claim from your Insurance Policy

We can process the claim for you with your providing of the relevant documents that need to be submitted

  • Our staff can make a copy of all your documents.
  • Your Physician will write a detailed Medical Report about your treatment plan and fax it and all your documents to your Insurance Company.
  • Your Insurance Company will decide the amount of cover they can provide towards your treatment expenses.
  • The hospital needs a written guarantee of payment from your Insurance Company. A verbal agreement is not suitable. Until this guarantee of Payment is received you will be responsible for payment of your treatment at the Hospital.
  • You will be responsible for any additional, personal expenses not covered by your Insurance policy. These expenses will be paid upon discharge from the Hospital.
  • If the Hospital has not received the Guarantee of Payment from your Insurance Company when you are discharged you will be asked to pay the bill. You can then claim directly from your Insurance Company. The Hospital will assist you with documentation as required. Overseas Companies may take 2 working days to process the claim.

Local Company Direct Billing Contracts

  1. Dhipaya Insuarance Co., Ltd
  2. Forte-Toko Assurance Co.,Ltd
  3. Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) Co., Ltd
  5. TKI Life Insurance Co., Ltd
  6. Sokxay Insurance Co.,Ltd
  7. Laovivat Insurance Co., Ltd
  8. Vientiane Insurance Co., Ltd
  9. Lao China Pacific Insuarance Co., ltd
  10. Lao-viet Insurance Co., Ltd
  11. Zhongji Insurance Co., Ltd
  12. Lanexang Assurance Public Company (LAP)

Thailand Company Direct Billing Contracts

  1. AIA - American International Assurance Co., Ltd. ( Selected package)
  2. LUMA CARE Co., Ltd.
  3. Phillip Life Assurance PCL
  4. Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL

International Direct Billing Contracts

  1. Healix International (FCO Healthline)
  2. Tiecare*/Global Benefits Group
  3. Henner International Medical Network
  4. Trails of Indochina
  5. CIGNA International Corporation

Medical Assistance Company (Direct Billing Contract)

  1. Asian Assistance (Thailand)
  2. Euro-Center Holding As C/O Euro Center (Thailand) Ltd.
  3. Falck Global Assistance Ltd.
  4. International SOS Services (Thailand) Ltd.
  5. VYV International Assistance
  6. Blue Assistance (JMD) Co., Ltd
  7. MSH China Enterprise Service Co., Ltd
  8. April Assistance (Thailand) Co., Ltd