Heart center

Medical technology of Kasemrad International Hospital Vientiane

  •  It is a large hospital with one stop service integrated heart centre in LAO, such as CTA, CAL, CT chest, ECHO, ECG, EST, CATH LAB, OR CVT

  • There are state-of-the-art integrated cardiac treatment tools such as CT scan, ECHO, ECG, EST, Biplane fluoroscopy, IABP and HLM.

  • The company is well-equipped to perform heart, thoracic and vascular operations in all professional areas including CVT, Cardiac Intervention, Cardio Thoracic Technologist. CATH LAB nurse, OR CVT nurse, Heart coordinator

  • It's the best heart center in the U.S. Laos takes care of Unstable angina patients from ER to CATH LAB within 1 hour.

  • Patients from CATH LAB to OR CVT can be transferred immediately when the hands have to open heart, with a team from Thailand standing by 24 hours.